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• Leveraging on its construction expertise to carry out its own property development projects

OKH Group recognises the synergistic effects of its property development business and its construction business and OKH Group believes that this enables them to better offer a comprehensive package of services ranging from site procurement, design and build services and project management. This complementary model enables OKH Group to utilise its knowledge and experience gained from its construction projects and develop effective work plans for its property development projects. With familiarity of the entire construction cycle, this improves productivity and enables OKH Group to fast track its development projects. OKH Group also enjoys synergy and savings in costs when procuring supplies for both its property development and construction business activities.

• Capability in handling a wide spectrum of projects

OKH Group has the experience and capability to undertake a diversified range of projects in the public and private sectors. Over the years, OKH Group has successfully completed a wide range of construction, addition and alteration, refurbishment and upgrading projects across various market segments such as the commercial, industrial, hotel, residential and other sectors. Hence, OKH Group is not overly dependent on a single project category for its revenue. With an in-house design team, OKH Group is also capable of taking on design and build/lease projects which provide diversification to its business.

• Experienced and dedicated management team

Led by OKH Group's CEO, Bon Ween Foong, OKH Group has established good business relationships with the strength of its delivery track record and high quality standards for its construction projects. Spearheading the growth and expansion of OKH Group, Bon Ween Foong has over 12 years of experience in the relevant industries. Its management team with more than 12 years of industry experience is supported by a team of key executives who are also experienced and competent in their respective functions.

• Established business relationships and extensive network

Over the years, OKH Group has established business relationships and an extensive network with its partners, suppliers, financiers and consultants in the construction and property development sectors. This enables the management team to gain ready access to data and information relating to any new construction project tenders or development sites which are available for sale.

In addition, OKH Group employs direct procurement strategy for its building materials, thus ensuring the quality and costs of its properties and construction projects.